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Cheap PC games? where can you find great deals on PC games? GameRoomsWithStyle offers a huge selection of good PC games a great prices. Though most of our PC games are older titles, they are by no means bad games. In fact, many of our PC games are classics that won many awards when they came out and if you never got the chance to play them this is the best time to try the out.

Our PC Strategy Section includes some of the very best games to ever grace a PC. With games like Age of Empires, Civilization, Command & Conquer, Homeworld and more, you are bound to find many games that you'll like to play.

Age of empires and Age of empires 2 were two of my personal favorites, building up your resources and army faster and more efficient than your opponent were key in winning. Playing in teams required great communication and strategy in order to be successful.

Our PC Board Games Section include some great classics such as the Game of Life and Monopoly, as well as some favorites like Chess and Mahjong.

Monopoly was probably my favorite game to play growing up. However it could take all day playing just to win. This online version moves a lot faster and allows you to play against real live people as well as Computer opponents.

Our Adventure and RPG section feature some real classics such as the Heroes games, Neverwinter Nights, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age and many more!

I cannot count the amount of hours i spent on Dragon Age. Such an immerse game, the amount of characters and paths you could take and relationships you could forge or destroy was an amazing part of this great game.

Our Action and Shooter section is also loaded with some amazing games such as Assasin's Creed, Call of Duty, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Medal of Honor and much, much more!

Who could forget the original Call of Duty? It was one of those games that made you feel like you were right there fighting for your life and the lives of your comrades, every mission was nerve wracking and you could never relax, great memories from a great game.

As you can see, we carry many great Cheap PC Games that you may have missed, or may just want to play again to relive those moments of joy they brought to you. At GameRoomsWithStyle we take pride in bringing the best prices on good PC games.
Sunday, June 23, 2013

postheadericon Christian and Bible Board Games

Some of the favorite things we may do as a families is to have a game night. We pull out some of the board games to be able to have some fun family time. Games like Monopoly, trivia and such can make for a great time to bond as a family while at the same time having fun. You might be pleasantly surprised to know that some of favorite party and board games are offered in Christian or Bible editions.

These type of games bring more than fun and family bonding, but also teach children about life, religion and open doors to communicate with your kids. Most Christian and Bible board games are for older children, teens and adults. Below are some of the most popular one you may not know about.

Bible Cranium Board Game

The outrageously fun award-winning board game packed with something-for-everyone now in a Bible Edition. Whether your're an aspiring actor, artist, data hound, or wordsmith, CRANIUM gives everyone a chance to shine. Features 600 all-new cards and a 3-in 1 foldout game board lets you choose how long to play.
A great game to play for ages 10 and up.

Apples To Apples: Bible Edition

Apples to Apples is a super fun party game that is easy to play. You simply open the box, deal the cards and are ready to play. You simply pick the card that best describes the card played by the judge, if the judge chooses your card you win! everyone gets to play the judge.
Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Guesstures: Bible Edition

Guesstures brings the game of charades to a whole new level. As the regular game, your team uses gestures to help guess the word printed on the card. Is always funny watching people trying to act out scenes, words, or characters from the Bible. the range of questions make it possible for most people to enjoy it including children.
Recommended for ages 12 and up. 4 or more players, divided into teams.

Scattegories: Bible Edition 

Scattegories is another game that will entertain you and your family or friends for hours. You roll a "C" a name for the Holy Spirit? Comforter. You get the idea. Scattegories Bible edition is a game that also enhances your faith and promotes learning.
Recommended for ages 8 and up, 2 to 4 players.

Outburst: Bible Edition

Outburst Bible Edition is a fun trivia game that brings a lot of fun and learning at the same time. Each topic has 10 answers. how many can you and your team get? There are so many topics that you can easily play this game for hours upon hours.

Recommended for ages 8 and up. Players divided into two teams.
Thursday, June 13, 2013

postheadericon Game Room Ideas

Have you ever thought what you would do if you had an extra room in the house just for yourself? maybe a whole garage? Imagination can run wild especially if is something you have always dreamed of.  I always figure that i could fit all my toys in there and maybe buy some other items from my childhood and boom! my man cave is done. Reality however is different, sometimes sacrifices must be made, such as the extra room becoming an office or play area for your kids, or even worse, an storage room. But what if you could turn a normal room into a Game Room without sacrificing much? below are some ideas that may just accomplish that.

Dining Room- How often do you use the dinning room? maybe just for big occasions, like Thanksgiving or other major holidays and birthdays? if so, this is the perfect place to make a Game Room. Like Pool? how about a Pool table that turns into a dinning table? how about poker? you can find a Poker table that easily turns into an elegant dinning table.
Family Room- Another great place to put some of your favorite items without upsetting the other members of the household. You can easily blend in family and gaming activities in one place. as an example with a PS3 you can enjoy some family games and watch a great movie all with one controller.
Car Garage- Have a 2 car garage? do you use a lot of space for storage? You would be surprised at how much space you can gain by cleaning up your garage and moving one car outside.  With a little work you can have a nice Game Room in a private area.
Patio Area- Have a patio with some shade? the patio can also make a great area to set up you Game Room. you can have you favorite College team Bar Stools or any bar stools to enjoy a place you can call your own. throw in a little TV and a small patio bar and your are set!
Your Own Room- Maybe you are lucky and have your own room to make it your man cave. Before you get too excited, remember to take everyone in the household into consideration, after all you do want every one to enjoy it right? right? If you have kids in the house you want to keep it PG or below, maybe that Pulp Fiction poster would look great, but perhaps an Avengers one is more appropriate. Also think of a center piece that can bring the whole room together such as a Pool, Foosball or Air Hockey table. Just make sure the room is big enough to take it otherwise it would look too crowded and you may have to settle for something smaller like Coffee table.
Fun For The Family- whatever room you have available to make it into the Game Room, you should always consider the rest of the household members. If you have kids, nowadays electronics like video games rules and there are many fun family games available that everyone can enjoy. There are also many Board games, classics like Monopoly and Scrabble that never go out of style. This also a great opportunity to bond as a family.
No matter where the Game Room is located, is always a good idea to make it functional:

  • Make sure it has good lighting and room for everyone to sit and enjoy.
  • Make sure you have enough electrical services for all your electrical devices.
  • Install lots of flexible task lighting like track lights.
  • Don't skimp on the comfortable seating. Modular groups with multiple on board recliners are nice, but even if you keep a pile of beanbag chairs in a corner, have enough seating for everyone.
  • Invest in storage. Game and rec rooms are magnets for clutter. Bookcase units with pull-out shelves for electronics, and drawers to hide games or Movies can help you control the overflow and keep items like cards, remotes, coasters, notepads and pens under wraps. Invest in wicker bins or baskets to store entertainment magazines and the all-important pile of single, multi and unknown function remote control devices.

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